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Alexander Bodini Research Fellowships

Two Alexander Bodini Research Fellowships are offered: one in developmental and adolescent psychiatry and one in culture and religion.

Like other Academy Fellows, the Bodini Fellows spend one or two academic semesters in residence at the Italian Academy. The Academy will provide office space and support, aid in finding convenient housing for the duration of the Fellowship, and opportunities for the organization of public lectures, seminars, conferences and publication. The Bodini Fellows are expected to participate in the life of the Academy, including the weekly luncheon seminars with the other Fellows. Independent research, however, is foremost, and Bodini Fellows are encouraged to make use of all of Columbia's facilities.

The Alexander Bodini Fellowship in culture and religion will be offered to the candidate whose work most closely reflects the investigation of the relation between culture and religion in both modern and historical societies.

The Alexander Bodini Fellowship in psychiatry at the Italian Academy is intended for a child psychiatrist or developmental neuroscientist who intends to work in a Columbia laboratory in fields pertinent to his or her own. Relevant Columbia University resources include a large and varied Department of Child Psychiatry at the College of Physicians & Surgeons, with its far-reaching clinical service that is organized into subspecialty clinics serving children and teens with autism, depression and anxiety and disruptive disorders, and an outstanding MRI laboratory. Other areas of strength are psychiatric epidemiology; psychotherapy research and especially cognitive behavior therapy for anxiety disorders and interpersonal therapy for mood disorders; psychopharmacology of anxiety, depression and autism and early onset ADHD; classification and diagnosis; suicide and suicide prevention; eating disorders; and services research. The Department of General Psychiatry has considerable resources in genetics, in psychosis, depression and anxiety disorders, PET imaging and neuroanatomy.

Bodini Fellows:

Luigi Mazzone (Developmental and Adolescent Psychiatry)

Rosalia Crupi (Developmental and Adolescent Psychiatry)
Marc Fumaroli (Culture and Religion)

Michele Battini (Culture and Religion)
Antonio Mantovani (Developmental and Adolescent Psychiatry)

Michele Alacevich (Global Development and Finance; no longer offered)
Tiziano Colibazzi (Developmental and Adolescent Psychiatry)
Magsarjav Gantuya (Culture and Religion)

Laura Bevilacqua (Developmental and Adolescent Psychiatry)
Flora Cassen (Culture and Religion; one semester)
Giovanni Mastrobuoni (Global Development and Finance; no longer offered)
Kenneth Stow (Culture and Religion; one semester)

Anna Soci (Global Development and Finance; no longer offered)
Brian Ogren (Culture and Religion)
Francesca Zanderigo (Developmental and Adolescent Psychiatry)

Paola Abenante (Culture and Religion)
Luca Colnaghi (Developmental and Adolescent Psychiatry)
Giacomo De Giorgi (Global Development and Finance; no longer offered)