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Selected Press Coverage

"plays even new music with Romantic flair and an instinct
for the sweeping gesture"

From the New York Times coverage of Jay Campbell's May 7, 2014, concert.

"In focusing on the DMN, an increasingly popular area of brain research, the symposium vaults Freedberg's Academy back to the forefront of the interdisciplinary dialogue around art and neuroscience"
From coverage in The Beautiful Brain of Feb 6-7, 2014, Art and Neuroscience symposium on the Default Mode Network

"Fascinating program"
From the New York Times coverage of Emanuele Torquati's May 1, 2013, concert.

"A delightfully devious recital"
From the New York Times coverage of the May 8, 2013, concert.

"Pianist and violinist gave us a hypnotic evening—devilishly induced but divinely delivered"
From Seen and Heard International coverage of the May 8, 2013, concert.

"Astonishing is the word"
From the New York Times coverage of the November 3, 2012 TENET concert

"Columbia University's Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America is a treasure New Yorkers have all to themselves."
From Hyperallergic coverage of the March 23, 2012 screening of David Hockney: A Bigger Picture

"Dalla Venezia del Canaletto al Vesuvio di Andy Warhol, ha spiegato al folto e divertito pubblico americano la professoressa italiana."
From La Stampa coverage of Mar 21, 2012, of Prof. Anna Ottani Cavina's inaugural lecture as Compagnia di San Paolo Italian Academy Distinguished Visiting Professor

"Viewers witness the magic"
From the Art in America review of the Spring 2011 exhibition of work by Beatrice Pediconi

"The metaphor of the candle flame revealing the universal principles Leonardo perceived as governing all natural phenomena was made all the more convincing by the speaker's evidence gleaned from Leonardo's manuscripts and paintings… Wide-ranging discussion followed the talk, with one scholar positing a more scientific role for Leonardo in our time--molecular biologist, cosmologist, or something unknown to us that he would have pioneered."
From AxesMundi blog coverage of Mar 31, 2011, of Prof. Paolo Galluzzi's lecture "The Shadow of Light: Leonardo's Mind by Candlelight"

"Columbia's Italian Academy has become a locus for offbeat concerts, usually with a Mediterranean accent. This one, offered by the invaluable veteran soprano Lucy Shelton, centers on vocal chamber music …. she'll be accompanied by a distinguished little band"
From The New Yorker coverage of the February 2, 2011, concert "Three 2nds with Lucy Shelton"

"a group of intellectuals transforms their small cultural studies forum into an authentic crucible, bringing academics together with their peers and the educated public with the goal of doing real work by interdisciplinary means"
From ArtsEditor coverage of January 30, 2011, of the Italian Academy and Beatrice Pediconi's photography exhibition

"Shelton … proved that contemporary vocal music can indeed be as warm, lyrical, and beautiful as music from any other period. Classical music fans should not miss the second and third of the 'Three 2nds.'"
From Columbia Spectator coverage of February 2, 2011, of the concert series "Three 2nds with Lucy Shelton"

"When Jeremy Wolfe of Harvard Medical School, speaking last week at a symposium devoted to the crossover theme of Art and Neuroscience, wanted to illustrate how the brain sees the world and how often it fumbles the job, he naturally turned to a great work of art…. Beyond its entertainment value, symposium participants made clear, change blindness is a salient piece in the larger puzzle of visual attentiveness"
From New York Times coverage of March 25, 2008, Art and Neuroscience symposium on Vision, Attention, and Emotion

"a group of exceptional freelance musicians....launch a three-concert series at Columbia University's stately Italian Academy....you're compelled to come back for more"
From Time Out New York listing of Mar 12, 2008, Concert Series
Argento Chamber Ensemble playing Lachenmann, Scelsi, Sannicandro and others

"Bagno di folla ieri sera all'Italian Academy della Columbia University per il presidente della Repubblica Giorgio Napolitano che è arrivato assieme alla consorte, donna Clio e al ministro delle Politiche per la Famiglia, Rosy Bindi, l'ambasciatore Giovanni Castellaneta e il console generale d'Italia Francesco Talò"
From America Oggi coverage of Dec 12, 2007, visit of Italian President Napolitano

"Lo stesso meccanismo di empatia che ci permette di vivere in sintonia con gli altri sta alla base del nostro emozionarci di fronte a un'opera d'arte, ipotizzano Vittorio Gallese e David Freedberg"
From coverage in La Repubblica on May 15, 2007, of collaboration published in Trends in Cognitive Sciences

"the latest in a long string of awards for Roth...but the first, one has to think, that honors his role as a reader"
From Los Angeles Times-latimes.com coverage of Apr 18, 2007, Grinzane Masters Prize awarded to Philip Roth in memory of Primo Levi. With the Premio Grinzane Cavour, the Compagnia di San Paolo, The Foundation for Italian Art and Culture, and the Centro Primo Levi

"the eerie effectiveness of these works"
From New York Times coverage of March 9, 2007, Premio New York Exhibition:
Video, painting and sculpture: The Trilogy by Paolo Chiasera
New media: 13 Most Beautiful Avatars by Eva and Franco Mattes
Co-sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Cultural Institute of New York

"a distinguished roster of scientists and artists in a daylong colloquy on the relationship between recent advances in neuroscience and the visual arts"
from ArtForum coverage of the March 24, 2006, Forum Art and the New Biology of Mind
Co-Sponsored by the Louis T. Blouin Foundation
Speakers: Antonio Damasio, V.S. Ramachandran, Raymond Dolan, Vittorio Gallese, Joseph LeDoux, Semir Zeki, Margaret Livingstone; also Marina Abramovic, Robert Irwin, Richard Meier, Lynn Davis, Laurie Anderson, Terry Winters, Joan Snyder, Philip Taaffe, George Condo, David Salle. Led by David Freedberg along with Arthur C. Danto and Eric R. Kandel

"The current acknowledgment is indeed overdue"
From New York Times coverage of Oct 5-Dec 7, 2005, Exhibit and Colloquium - Lorenzo Da Ponte: Opera and Enlightenment in 18th Century Vienna, and Concert Series - Lorenzo Da Ponte: A Bridge from Italy to New York
Krista River (mezzo-soprano); Lucy Shelton (soprano); James Schaffner (tenor)

"A New York è di scena la giovane arte italiana"
From coverage in exibart.com of the December 14, 2005, Premio New York Exhibition
Multimedia, performance and painting: Global Sisters by Ivana Spinelli
Sculpture and performance: Suspended by "Sissi" (Daniela Olivieri)

"the relationship between the Italian maverick Giacinto Scelsi and....cellist Frances-Marie Uitti went beyond simple inspiration.... The audience – silent and rapt throughout the concert...provided another sort of catharsis with its explosive ovation"
From New York Times coverage of the July 24, 2006, Concert: Giacinto Scelsi's "Trilogy," Frances-Marie Uitti (cello)
"Frances-Marie Uitti is a living connection to Scelsi"
from ArtForum coverage of the same concert
"Received Wisdom" - Artforum

"A scholar has suggested that 'Laocoon,' a fabled sculpture whose unearthing in 1506 has deeply influenced thinking about the ancient Greeks and the nature of the visual arts, may well be a Renaissance forgery – possibly by Michelangelo himself."
From New York Times coverage of April 18, 2005 "Italy at Columbia" Lecture
Lynn Catterson, PhD: Michelangelo's Laocoõn?
Co-sponsored with Center for the Ancient Mediterranean

"satisfyingly idiosyncratic recital... plenty of contemporary music... but the program's central nervous system was music from long ago, drawn from the Faenza Codex, a manuscript compiled before 1450"
From New York Times coverage of May 6, 2005, Concert Series: Musica Antica e Nuova
Tom Chiu (experimental violinist); QNG: Quartet New Generation, recorder collective; Blair McMillen (pianist)

"Nella sala gremitissima, grosso modo in egual numero tra statunitensi e italiani, Veltroni ha reso omaggio alla città ospitante, oltre che alle sue personali radici politiche e culturali"
From coverage in Aprile Online of April 27, 2005, State Visit:
Aiuto e Sviluppo: Il Ruolo delle Città nella Cooperazione Internazionale (Aid and Development: The Role of Cities in International Cooperation)
Walter Veltroni, Mayor of Rome

"as part of an academic conference on the idea of randomness, Emanuele Arciuli performed a thoughtful program of works"
From New York Times coverage of Oct 29-30, 2004, Conference: A Workshop on Randomness
Sponsored with the Italian Embassy in Washington

"compositori italiani contemporanei combinata con nomi a volte vicini, a volte lontani, ma sempre in un gioco rivelatore di rimandi e contrasti"
From March, 2004, coverage in Il Giornale della Musica of
Dec 11-May 5, 2004-5 Concert Series: Solo at the Italian Academy
Yael Weiss (piano), Marilyn Nonken (piano); Lucy Shelton (soprano) accompanied by Pedja Muzijevic; Frances-Marie Uitti (cello)

"la summa dell'impegno di Freedberg e' il Fellowship program, mano tesa a ricercatori italiani o stranieri impegnati in studi italiani"
From January 25, 2004, interview with Prof. Freedberg in Il Foglio Quotidiano
"David Freedberg, che aprì una madia e trovò un tesoro dell'arte"

"E l'Academy apre alla scienze e le aziende"
From Il Sole - 24 Ore article on the Italian Academy, July 4, 2003

"Sara Rossi's ... sensitively conceived and produced, small-scale color photographs"
From Boiler Mag coverage of Mar 20, 2003, Premio New York Exhibition
Multi-media and Video: Miele by Sara Rossi
Under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and sponsored by the Italian Cultural Institute

"L'Italian Academy vuole mostrare temi e problemi che preoccupano gli italiani di oggi"
From America Oggi coverage of Feb 5-Apr 14, 2003 Film Series: Beyond Cinecittà: Highlights of Italian Cinema from 1980 to the Present

"Italian music of the last 50 years dominates these programs"
from New York Times coverage of November 7, 2003, concert by Antares in Oct 8-Dec 3, 2003, Concert Series: Contemporary Classic Italian: Music of the Last 50 Years

"Emanuele Arciuli, the Italian pianist who gave an excellent recital of contemporary music... impressive performance"
from New York Times review of October 10, 2003, concert by Emanuele Arciuli in Oct 8-Dec 3, 2003 Concert Series: Contemporary Classic Italian: Music of the Last 50 Years

"L'ex sindaco di Palermo ha presentato le attivita' dell'Istituto per il Rinascimento il cui obiettivo e' di esportare il modello della sua citta' nel mondo"
From America Oggi coverage of Mar 12, 2002, Seminar: Fighting the Mafia
Leoluca Orlando (Former Mayor of Palermo and President of the Palermo Renaissance Foundation)
Moderated by Alexander Stille