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"In a small corner of Morningside, a vision of the future is unfurling as a group of intellectuals transforms their small cultural studies forum into an authentic crucible, bringing academics together with their peers and the educated public with the goal of doing real work by interdisciplinary means. …What makes the Academy profoundly interesting, though, is the extent to which [its] abstract-seeming mission has taken purchase, fostering a series of extraordinarily productive academic collaborations that have succeeded not only in their scholarship, but also in their accessibility and meaningful value to the educated public at large. In parallel with its academic activities, the Academy maintains a library, lecture series, and events calendar that run the gamut of Italian culture and achievements."

"My research enormously benefited from seminar presentations and informal discussions with colleagues in different fields and from different backgrounds. The Academy's commitment to interdisciplinary research is not a mere motto, much less a matter of fashion: my stay at the Academy was a key element of my successful application to an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, which I will take up from next September."

"The Italian Academy has done impressive Neuroscience events in years past, but I simply do not understand how they managed to get all these big names this time around. The roster of speakers is excellent without exception."

"Columbia's Italian Academy has become a locus for offbeat concerts, usually with a Mediterranean accent. This one, offred by the invaluable veteran soprano Lucy Shelton, centers on vocal chamber music by such composers as Domenico Gabrielli, Morton Feldman, and Elliott Carter; she'll be accompanied by a distinguished little band."

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